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Buy best bags and accessories at trendtaschen24 online

One bag is suitable for every day and can easily be combined with the respective wardrobe, the other fits perfectly in combination with the new red shoes or the noble green scarf. Brand bags are often eye-catcher and complete the outfit. Among them are models which can take everything.

Who likes to wear bags passionate relies on outside values or of a particular brand a statement. Buy bags online. This ensures easy, undisturbed search for specific brands, color and characteristics, because tastes are so different. Fascinatingly , it may also be so far to explore the unknown. Even if new models do not make it right away in your own wardrobe, they are potentially sources of inspiration or a good gift idea. Our bags shop offers..

..of famous labels, designers and brands. With our special brands, brand fans will certainly get their costs. And bargain hunters are at our promotions certainly find.

Women´s bags for any occasion

Since designers make bags in a steady fashion theme, the appearance of the popular companion changes seasonally as the clothes or costumes. New models in new colors, shapes and new materials are bought from creative minds regularly on the market. The result is always new favorite items for the next season.

Whether worn on the wrist or swung over the shoulder, with two short handles and adjustable strap and whether in XL format or backpack: A wide range of current women´s bags models are available in our shop. Of course you can find timeless classics and discreet but exclusive models which allow their wearer at any time look good. We carry the right bag for every situation.

Men´s bags for trend-conscious men

Bags are of course not only for women.Even men can not do without. Although the latter often thinks primarily of the practical benefits, men´s bags can advance to the fashionable accessory that satisfies more than just the pure function. For this reason we also provide for men a great selection of high quality and trendy men´s bags of famous brands in our shop. Whether you are looking for a shoulder- oder a messenger bag for the daily office, an elegant notebook bag or a backpack, you can wear with style. At you will find something nice.

accessories to complete our bags

The shirt do not fit to the jacket or the shoes do not match the pants which is just as shameful as if the bag does not correspond to the overall appearance. In the former problems we cannot really help, but if you are looking for one or other accessory that complements your new bag perfectly, you may find something nice in our shop. Sometimes it can be quite small things like a Campomaggi bracelet that fits a Campomaggi bag, or a key chain or a scarf. Browse our accessories. You might find the matching piece which arrives with the new bag even more perfect.

Brands - Designer bags Paradise

To buy bags online is the convenient way to your desired model. offers a wide range of brands which are only with difficulty and almost never found in one place in the retail sector. Our original brands bring structure into the bag listing. So the search effort for you is low: The models of your favorite labels of Campomaggi, Antony Morato, MiyaBloom, POM, Amsterdam, Napapijri, Braccialini, A.S.98 and Yippie Hippie.

Sale% - individual pieces for special pieces

Among our offers you will find high quality bags that we significantly reduced for you to part with respect to the suggested recommended selling price of the manufacturer. Please look inside.